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One thought on “Student Work

  1. hi laura,
    i recently came across your work and research. i was particularly interested in your collaborations on diy powder recipes for z printers. really inspiring and fresh.. i work with 3d printing since a while (some of my work can be found here and was always annoyed by cost of materials. although prices for equipment dropped quite a bit consumables are still ridiculously expensive. i was wondering if you could give me some advise.. based on your experience; is the hydroperm-rice wine recipe still the best option to go for or is there any new ones you could recommend? for my work i need a decent resolution and strenght as parts are intricate and often thin.. i recently purchased an old zcorp machine and would like to try alternatives. i’m a bit worried about destroying the machine though (as i’m not really good in fixing things). did you ever run into technical issues with your machines after printing in powders/binders other than the ones provided by zcorp? any other advise you could give me or web resources you can recommend. in any case, thanks for your time and hope to hear from you,

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